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Designs inspired by world travels and style that evokes warmth inside every home.

Savoir Faire is a full-service interior design studio servicing the New England area. Drawing inspiration from global travels, our curated, transitional approach infuses homes with unparalleled character and charm. We reimagine living spaces with elegance and warmth, attentively tailoring our designs to individual desires. Our team thoughtfully applies harmonious layering techniques – blending color, texture, and form – to create cozy, inviting interiors.

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Personal Design Experience

Our mission is to curate exceptional living spaces that genuinely reflect individual styles. We are devoted to delivering a personalized experience in which our clients feel heard, and their input becomes an integral part of the final design. Pursuing comfort, we craft timeless spaces that seamlessly blend function and beauty. By skillfully merging traditional and modern elements, we celebrate timeless spaces that tell a unique story.

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Our Services

Our Services

Interior Home Design

/ Full-Service Design Journey

We gracefully guide you through transforming a vision into an exquisite reality from inception to fruition, balancing sophistication and casual elegance. With your trust, our team will bring dedication, passion, and care to your project to ensure your final space exceeds every expectation.

/ Architectural Assessment

Our full-service residential design focuses on new construction and comprehensive renovations. In collaboration with architects and builders, we meticulously review floors plans, elevations and details to guarantee that every component harmonizes with the envisioned outcome.

/ Personalized Design Approach

Our thoughtful design team goes beyond the ordinary, handpicking impeccable interior finishes that range from enduring flooring to layered color palettes. With our support, the lavish living spaces you’ve always dreamt of come to life, radiating the cozy ambiance you genuinely deserve.

/ Furniture Procurement

We artfully select furniture with your style in mind, from textured upholstery to custom pieces. Our extensive network enables us to acquire furniture that exudes warmth, transforming your home into an inviting sanctuary.

/ Globally Inspired Styling

Styling is the finishing touch that elevates spaces with personalized details. Inspired by our world travels, we effortlessly weave cultural influences into our designs, infusing them with enchanting character. Skillfully using color, texture, and form, we bring a welcoming serenity into homes.

/ Premier Project Management

We are by your side throughout the journey, from concept to reality, while attentively managing every detail. A skilled team capable of handling any challenge is quintessential for completing a project on time. Our expertise lies in bringing together the perfect tools and resources, ensuring flawless execution and seamless flow throughout the process.

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Our Design Process

Our Design Process

Seamless Design

/ Comprehensive Consultation

During the consultation, we engage in an open conversation full of insightful questions to clearly comprehend your vision. We delve into crucial details, examine architectural plans, and establish the scope of work. Our objective is to provide guidance in making choices that harmoniously align with your preferences, timeline, and budget.

/ Unparalleled Design Concept

As we venture into the creative design phase, our focus turns to imaginative exploration. We begin space planning, furniture layout, and the development of preliminary concept boards. Once the design concept takes shape, our team presents a comprehensive overview featuring samples, colors, images and the possibilities of 3D renderings.

After your approval, deliberations over finishes, furniture, and fabrics ensue, while cost estimates are carefully prepared. We then present you with the fully refined design for your thorough review, potential revisions, and final approval.

/ Clear Project Execution

Seamless collaboration and open communication are at the heart of every successful project. We work hand-in-hand with all stakeholders to provide a well-coordinated construction experience. As your trusted partners, we tackle and resolve any challenges that may arise during construction. Being just as invested as you are, we make certain the construction process moves forward smoothly and according to plan.

/ Flourishing Finishing Touches

Once the final accents are carefully placed, the paint has dried, and the cleanup team has departed, it’s time for the most exciting part – the grand unveiling! We walk you through every aspect of your newly-transformed space, ensuring the absolute adoration of your dream home.

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